Protecting the environment

One of the cornerstones of the EcoAcoustic philosophy is a commitment to sustainability. By designing our products responsibly, we strive to care for the well-being of the planet. We continuously improve our standards and look for new solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. We choose to manufacture our acoustic panels from recycled materials to reduce harmful emissions and recycle existing waste.

Socially responsible business

It is with great pleasure that we observe the growth of public awareness of environmental protection. There is growing social acceptance of waste segregation and management, zero-waste philosophy, meat-free diets, renewable energy production, electric cars and other solutions supporting sustainable development. More and more consumers are making conscious choices, guided by information on whether the product is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. We believe that a socially responsible company should support this trend by implementing "green" technologies and production processes, reducing waste emissions and offering customers products that meet their ecological preferences.

Acoustic panels made… from bottles

For the production of EcoAcoustic panels, we use 100% polyester fibre acoustic materials. At least 75% of these fibres come from recycled plastic bottles, which is a unique solution in the Polish market. Our PET acoustic panels are formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly, as confirmed by testing to EN717-1:2014. The acoustic felt applied to our products, is also 100% polyester fibre. Thus, used acoustic panels with felt inserts are recyclable without separation of materials.


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