Exploring the nature of silence

The world is changing dynamically, and our habits are changing with it. We work in large, open spaces ideal for teamwork, but at the same time filled with a variety of sounds produced by people and equipment. Computers, printers, telephones, air conditioners and the conversations around us create an acoustic environment that is not good for our concentration.

Having been active as an office furniture manufacturer for years, we noticed this problem and decided to face it head on. We created the EcoAcoustic brand. Inspired by the 'Nature of Silence', we have implemented environmentally friendly technology to create designer products that reduce noise. We develop safe and workable solutions in artistic and universal forms.


What we do

Under the EcoAcoustic brand we design and manufacture wall, desk, hanging and standing acoustic panels. Our offer also includes acoustic boxes.

We employ a unique, environmentally friendly production technology to combine PET acoustic panels with acoustic felt. Our panels are made of 75% recycled polyester fibres. The materials used are highly sound-absorbing.

EcoAcoustic products are easy to clean and disinfect, they do not collect dust and do not provide an environment for dust mites..


Acoustic and design

We believe that the workplace aesthetic is just as important as adequate soundproofing to maintain well-being and concentration. We have developed several design lines for our products. Each collection refers to a different style and allows you to enrich your interior with a new visual experience, while at the same time significantly reducing unwanted noise.

Why are EcoAcoustic products unique?

EcoAcoustic products effectively dampen and absorb unwanted sound. We work with experienced acoustic experts and architects to create our products. As a result, we can significantly improve the acoustic comfort of any space, creating both an excellent environment for individual work in concentration, as well as for group work in larger teams.

We are passionate about applied arts and believe that people feel better and work more efficiently in a beautiful, stylish space. That's why all EcoAcoustic products combine advanced acoustic features with an appealing appearance. We have grouped our products into several design lines, inspired by different interior styles.

One of the cornerstones of the EcoAcoustic philosophy is a commitment to sustainability. By designing responsibly, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. The sound-absorbing materials used in our products are 100% polyester fibre, of which at least 75% comes from recycled plastic bottles, which is a unique solution in the Polish market.


Piotr Kowalski, Ewa Rogozińska Spółka Jawna

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