Zone Box_4P


Zone acoustic cubicles are an alternative to conference and meeting rooms. The comfortable space provides privacy for conversations and working in silence.


A free-standing acoustic box closed with a glass door, designed for four people who can work in a seated position. The cubicle is equipped with a table and a multimedia panel, which allows for its versatile use.


The box's distinctive feature is its metal frame made of a triangular profile. Upholstered panels filled with acoustic foam or panels made of PET plates ensure excellent acoustic parameters inside the booth. The back wall of the cubicle can be either upholstered or glass, depending on your needs.


  • Fabric upholstered panels / PET panels
  • Fabric upholstered seats
  • Toughened glass with high acoustic properties
  • Metal frame powder-coated in selected colours
  • External walls, multimedia panel and table made of melamine board

Acoustic cubicles provide a very good environment for confidential conversations and meetings. They also allow you to work in a focused manner.

People using the cubicles cannot hear ambient noise and conversations inside do not disturb other workers.

The boxes are mobile and can be moved to where they are most needed.

Zone Box_4P

4-person enclosed acoustic box with a back wall made of tempered glass.

height: 200 cm
width: 229 cm
depth: 140 cm

Zone Box_4P

4-person enclosed acoustic box with back wall finished with PET acoustic panels or acoustic foam panels upholstered with fabric.

height: 200 cm
width: 229 cm
depth: 140 cm


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