Well Cowork


Coworking tables are not only a solution for hot desking, but also an ideal piece of furniture for task groups.


Well Cowork tables have a simple shape, achieved by combining geometric figures. Desk extensions and rounded top corners give the furniture an impression of lightness. Lamps with round lampshades are an additional distinguishing element. The tables are designed for sitting work.


The metal frame is the base of the table and ensures its stability. Round legs taper at the bottom. The undercut edge of the table top gives the structure lightness. The extension with lamps is divided into numerous compartments to organise the workspace.


  • Melamine-coated board
  • Powder-coated metal frame

Well Cowork is a versatile table perfect for both hot desking and teamwork. Shared by several people, it allows economical use of office space.

For user convenience, the table top can be optionally equipped with inductive chargers for mobile devices.

The integrated lamps illuminate the workstations well and create a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

Well Cowork Table

length: 340 cm
depth: 120 cm
top height: 75 cm

Colours of metal frames

Colours of melamine boards


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