Teamwork H


Coworking tables are not only a solution for hot desking, but also an ideal piece of furniture for task groups.


The closed table composition creates an individual work zone in an open-space environment. Teamwork H is a multifunctional piece of furniture to use for project work, video conferencing and creative tasks. The tables are designed for sitting work.


Two A-shaped metal frames are joined at the top by a lighting panel made of PET plates. The undercut edge of the table top gives the structure lightness. The multimedia panel can be fitted with office organisers, plant pots, a TV monitor or a dry erase board.


  • Melamine-coated board
  • Powder-coated metal frame
  • PET panel - 75% recycled material from plastic bottles

The high Teamwork H tables have been designed especially for teams having quick, intensive meetings like brainstorming. You can work at them standing or sitting on stools.

There are many options for configuring the table equipment: Instead of a plant pot, you can install organisers for office utensils. Alternatively, a TV monitor and dry erase board can be used. Media ports can be located in the side panel or in the table top.

Teamwork H tables replace a separate meeting room, thus saving office space

Teamwork H Table

top/table length: 340 cm
table top depth: 120 cm
total table depth: 162 cm
table top height: 75 cm
total table height: 185 cm

Colours of metal frames

Colours of melamine boards

PET board colours


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