Wall panels


Harmony, balance and minimalism are timeless, while the variety of colours and multiple configuration options are likely to hit what you need here and now.


Panels of the Balance collection take on simple square or rectangular shapes, softened by rounded corners.


The elements of the collection in its basic version are made of PET boards. Additional layers of acoustic felt allow for a wider choice of colours and make the product look more attractive.


  • PET - 75% recycled material from plastic bottles
  • PET and polyester fibre felt

Acoustic panels of Balance collection with their simple geometrical design fit into any interior.

Through a variety of colours and unique patterns, we can create original compositions.

Installation at various distances emphasises the three-dimensional effect that gives the interior a dynamic, individual character.

Wall panel Balance

length: 60 cm
height: 60 cm
panel thickness: 1,2 cm
thickness of panel with glued felt: 1,5 cm
felt thickness: 0,3 cm


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